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Have you something to celebrate with your company soon? Of course you can choose to do an activity together. But you can also choose to organise an event for your employees, partners, customer and/or relations. An event is more of a celebration then a team building activity. With a corporate event you reward the people who work for and with you on a regular basis by throwing a party. You reward them with food, drinks, entertainment, a chance to talk to coworkers in a different setting and maybe even with gifts. For an event like this the most important thing is that you find a venue where everything can take place. In an event you can also incorporate activities. The most common activities that you can do during a corporate event are games and workshops. Most of the times these activities will take place inside the venue of the event. On this page we give you some options for activities that you can do during your corporate event. Also you have the possibility on this page to ask for more information about organising an event. Just scroll down this page and ask for more information when you are interested in a specific item. 

Casino night corporate event

Casino night at a corporate event

A huge fan of casinos and is there a company celebration or other corporate event coming up? Combine these two things by throwing a casino party! In this party you can find the same aspects that you can find in every party like good drinks, good food, entertainment, music and good company. An extra at this casino party is that there are gambling tables! Organise a whole night of fun and entertainment with this casino party! The party can be organised at different venues all over the USA. When you are interested in this event you can ask for more information. We hope the luck is on your side during this event and remember to gamble in moderation.

Highland games corporate event

Highland games corporate event

Ready to step in a more than 4000 years old Celtic and Scottish world? Then get ready for this highland games. Take your kilt out of the closet and get ready for some heavy athletic activities during this corporate event. Feel the adrenaline rushing through your vaines. Enjoy this highland team building games with family, friends and a lot of laughter. Interested in this highland game corporate event? Please fill out the form below and you will receive more information about this unforgettable activity (without obligations).

Improvisation corporate event activity

Improvisation corporate event activity

We all know the comedians who only need a split second to come up with a joke about someone or something. These people know how to improvise. This is an amazing quality that can really help you in life. You can learn this too! During this improvisation workshop at your corporate event you learn together with your colleagues how to improvise. You can do this workshop all over the United States of America. Are you excited about this activity? When you press the green button below you can ask for more information at the direct executor. Have fun improvising with your colleagues!

Percussion workshop for corporate event

Percussion workshop for corporate event

Are you and your colleagues musical or not? Find this out now during the percussion workshop. Playing the percussion maybe looks easy, ‘just hitting the drum’. But this is not true! You have to learn a specific technique to produce different sounds. You will learn these techniques during this creative at your corporate event. Of course this whole musical experience is fun to share with you good colleagues. You can do this activity in New York City, Los Angeles, Portland, Denver, Chicago and many more cities throughout the USA. Are you interested in this workshop? You can ask for more information by filling in the form (without any further obligation) below. Have fun during this corporate event!

Outdoor corporate event activities

Outdoor corporate event activities

Prepare for an intense but really fun outdoor corporate event activities. From active outdoor to strategic outdoor games. You can combine the team building activity with a lunch, dinner, meeting or other event. Want to know more about this outdoor corporate event activities? Ask for more information without any obligation below. We wish you a unforgettable day in advance.

Oh no, the Boss has been kidnapped corporate event
incl. VAT from
$33 p.p.

Oh no, the Boss has been kidnapped corporate event

The Boss obviously is a very well respected man or woman. He/She is always there for you all when you need guidance. But this time the Boss is in big trouble. Bad people have kidnapped the Boss leaving you all behind in great worries. Luckily, you are used to working together as a well-oiled-machine. This time your team will start doing assignments in order to free the Boss. Each completed assignment will bring you one step closer to finding the whereabouts of the Boss. Would you like additional information regarding this teambuilding activity in your city? Please fill out the form (without obligations).

Outdoor Trivial Game corporate events
incl. VAT from
$33 p.p.

Outdoor Trivial Game corporate events

This fun team building activity is all about conquering the well-known colored triangles. Together with your colleagues you will work in a team to fulfill various tasks. Team spirit, insight and knowledge play a major role in this. The first team to reach the 6th and last triangle wins the grand final. Would you like additional information regarding this teambuilding activity in your city? Please fill out the form (without obligations).

Outdoor Escaperoom corporate event
incl. VAT from
$33 p.p.

Outdoor Escaperoom corporate event

You have probably played an escape room before and noticed how important it is to function optimally in a team together with your fellow players. This city game is based on the escape room concept. Yet you are not locked in a room, but you go into the city to visit different locations. Together you will try to escape from the city. Will your team succeed in the end? Would you like additional information regarding this teambuilding activity in your city? Please fill out the form (without obligations).

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When you are the one who is responsible for organising your corporate event, you have a ‘big’ responsibility. Everyone is looking forward to this event so they have high hopes. You have to make sure that the event meets the expectations of you colleagues. The best way to know what their expectations are is to look at the things the companies did in the past. If you organise something in the same line as this event or even better, then people will be satisfied. There is a lot of choice when it comes to corporate events so there is always something to find that the employees have never done before. The United States of America are huge, so the choice is endless. Activities can be organised in fifty different states! You can do a fun corporate event in California, Florida, Hawaii, Texas, Alaska, Alabama, Colorado, Washington, New York, Utah, New Mexico and so on. And in these states you have the choice between different cities and towns. There are also a lot of nature reserves where team building activities can be organised. As you can see there are a lot of options for a corporate event of team building activity, choose wisely!

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