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Also for Marietta, Sandy Springs, Alpharetta, Rome and surroundings.

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A team building is always a good idea for any enterprise, office, start-up, company or any structure that involves hard working people just like your team. Why? Because it makes people come together to accomplish, for once, a non-business related task. If you are looking into a team building in Atlanta, the activities we have to offer on our website are much more than just “non-business related”: they are fun, social, unique and unforgettable. So, are you considering doing a team building in Atlanta? Do not worry, we got you covered! You can trust us with your eyes closed for a great selection of activities no member of your team will ever forget. We want to help people to have a good time, and if you would like to know more about what we do apart from that, please continue to read this article or have a look at our website.

The Hunt mobile teambuilding game Atlanta
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$33 p.p.

The Hunt mobile teambuilding game Atlanta

Do you and your team love a little bit of adrenalin during your team building in Atlanta? Gather all the team members because you don’t have time in the challenge to stay ahead of the other teams. The can get closer with every minute so keep focused. If you miss something during the game it might have a big impact. This mobile city game will take place in the centre of Atlanta. Collect all the treasures and shoot all the other teams to become the winner of this game. Would you like additional information? Please fill out the form (without obligations). Good hunting!

Murder mystery teambuilding mobile game Atlanta
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$33 p.p.

Murder mystery teambuilding mobile game Atlanta

Gather all your colleagues and use all the team spirit you’ve got. You will need it to resolve this strange murder mystery. Combine teamwork to find all the clues in Atlanta the police missed out solving this mystery. During your search throughout the city you have to make pictures of the surroundings. It might be a very important clue to find the murderer. Will you and your team caught the bad guy? Or will he get away with this crime? Feel the adrenaline pumping during this mobile city game. Would you like additional information? Please fill out the form (without obligations).

Atlanta, a lot reasons to visit!

Choosing to do a team building in Atlanta is an excellent idea because this city is filled with amazing things to do and see: bring your colleagues into a beautiful, resourceful place as Atlanta is the urban area that has the highest number of trees of the United States. Consequently, doing a team building in Atlanta seems like the nicest place to take a deep breath and relax! On top of that, getting from one place to another is also very convenient and relaxed: the city is developing the Atlanta Beltline, an enormous path where you can cycle or walk your way through the city. Practical right, if you are inspired multiple activities we highlight on our website? You won’t have to choose! The activities we display on our website are highly diverse and we are sure that you will find at least one that fits with your ideology of a good day shared between co-workers!

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Did we already talk about the fried chicken and waffles? Yes, on top of everything else we mentioned above, this city has an amazing food culture! Do not miss the opportunity to treat yourself with the local dishes during your team building in Atlanta. If you would rather eat another city’s specialties, or do your team building somewhere else, it is not a problem! We also highlight on our website different activities in cities such as Marietta, Sandy Springs, Alpharetta, Rome, etc. (just to cite a few, of course). So do not wait one more minute and start researching!

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